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1.5 Ton Electric Pallet Stacker

 Model   ERB15T
 Type    Narrow legs
Mast type    2-Stage STD
Load capacity kg 1500
 Load center mm 600
Wheel base mm 1325
Operating type    Walkle/Stand on
Wheel type   PU
 Wheel quantity driving wheel/Balance wheel/Bearing wheel   2001-2-4
 Standard lift height mm 3000
 Lowered fork height mm 85
 Fork size(length/width/thickness) mm 1150(1200)/180/60
 Overall length mm 1940/2360
 Overall width mm 850
Outside with between legs mm 570/600/650/685
 Inside with between legs mm 180/230/280/315
 Min.turning radius mm 1630/1990
Min.aisle width for pallets 800×1200 mm 2180/2580
Min.aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 mm 2210/2600
Min.groud clearance mm 30
Travel speed,laden/unladen km/h 5/6
 Lift speed,laden/unladen mm/s 95/130
 Travel speed,laden/unladen mm/s 110/100
radeability,laden/unladen % 5/8
Electric configuration
  Drive motor /Lift motor/Steering motor kw  
 Battery voltage V AC1.5/DC3.0/DC0.15
 Battery capacity Ah 24
 Brake   240
 Battery weight kg 235
 Service weight with battery kg 1190